What is a Practice Test?

A practice test is an informal exam that simulates the actual test, and aims to prepare you better for what […]

What is a Practice Lab?

Practice labs allow hands-on experience through a web browser interface for fast and and convenient access. Each practice lab includes […]

What is an Assessment?

An Assessment is a self-evaluation test to measure and evaluate the knowledge. An Assessment has 30 questions and cover the […]

What is an e-learning?

A e-learning is a MOS certification preparation product including: Several modules and within each module: Benchmark Assessment: gives you the […]

What is a Certkit?

A Certkit is a dynamic, unique, 1-click certification preparation product incliding: e-learning (365 days from fisrt activation). Online mentor (when […]

What is a Virtual Lab?

A Virtual lab is a lab that recreate the tech environment. IT Pro challenges are short, scenario-based, hands-on labs. The […]

What is a Video Training?

A Video Training es a talk-show format providing a better-than-classroom experience. They cover most of our vendors. The show can […]