Payment methods

MeasureUp offers the following payment methods: PayPal Pay by credit card  Google Pay or Apple Pay , if you have […]

How to purchase a product

To purchase a MeasureUp product, please follow these steps: Steps Find the product you want to use. You can do […]

Practice Test Pass Guarantee

How does this work? Get a refund of the price paid for the Practice Test at if: You consecutively […]

Refund Policy

Refund policy about purchased products directly from, can be summarized on the following table:   Refund policy Practice test […]

How to extend or upgrade a product

When you purchase an online test, you choose the product expiry date: 30 days, 60 days  or one year. It […]

How to purchase a MeasureUp Team Plan

Our plans, adapted to different training needs in terms of the number of keys and length of availability, give you […]