How to integrate MeasureUp in Microsoft Teams

Now, you can use MeasureUp products in Microsoft Teams. Your practice test or your assessment will be launched throught a […]

Overview: How to use MeasureUp in Microsoft Teams

Once the MeasureUp app has been included in a Microsoft Teams channel, you can activate a Practice Test or Assessment […]

Teams Integration: How to access the app

With the MeasureUp app added to your Microsoft Teams channel, you can activate a Practice Test or Assessment from the […]

Teams Integration: How to launch a product

If you are a student, you can only see the products enabled by your organization administrator or teacher. To launch […]

Teams Integration: How to check your Score Report History

In order to track their progress, students can easily check their score report in the app. To check your score […]

Teams Integration: How to configure a license

You can configure the license you want to use as it follows: Click on the configuration wheel and then, click […]

Teams Integration: How to use the Catalog

You can set up the product catalog and then select what Practice Test or Assessment is available to the members […]

Teams Integration: How to share a Practice test or an Assessment

If you want to share a product with others members in your organization, please, follow these steps: First, search for […]

Teams Integration: How to manage the reports

If you are a teacher or administrator and want to access to the test score reports, you can use the […]

Troubleshooting about the integration in Microsoft Teams

Problem description I cannot login using the Microsoft Login as it does not reconigze my email address. Solution Check if […]