What is the Learning Locker?

The user interface of your Learning Locker will make your study experience better and your account easier to manage. In […]

How to register a key

Through My Learning Locker you can launch different kind of products (Practice Tests, Assessments, Practice Labs…). When purchasing a product, […]

How to see product information

When purchasing a product, you will receive a Product Key in your order notification. The key must be registered in […]

How to review your history

When you finish your Practice test you can see your Test Score Report. However, My Learning Locker allows you review […]

How to try a free Practice Test demo

In My Learning Locker, you can access demo tests for free. Each demo is a short version of the complete […]

How to see notifications

My Learning Locker has a notifications feature to receive timely tech alerts and product announcements. This feature will allow you […]

How to register a Flex Key

A Flex Key is a type of product key that allows you to select one product from a list of […]

How to search for a product

If you are a very active MeasureUp user, you may have many products in your Learning Locker. This can make […]

How to hide a product (& unhide)

If you are a very active MeasureUp user, you may have many products in your learning locker. This can make […]

How to install the Desktop Learning Locker

The Desktop Learning Locker is an app allows to the user manage the MeasureUp products. Note. Its installation is mandatory […]

How to create a Custom assessment

My Learning Locker allows create your own assessments by using a mix of different tests. In addition, you can customize […]